Concrete Mixer Machine

  • Concrete Mixer Machine with Lift

    JZC350 concrete mixer machine Diesel Engine Concrete Mixers have simple structure, easily operation, low cost; it can mix concrete of max diameter 40mm and premixing mortar. With gravity type,bipyramid and reversal discharging, JZ Series concrete mixer is suitable for mixing...
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  • The Concrete Mixer Machine

    JZC350 electricity concrete mixer machine Placing of the Machine 1) The machine should be placed on flat and solid ground. After the machine is positioned, remove the trailing rod, lower the four supporting feet and pad theru with wood. Then turn the adjusting screws on the...
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  • Diesel Concrete Mixer Machine

    JZR350 diesel concrete mixer machine JZC350 Concrete Mixer is a self-dumping mixer of double conical drums which discharge concrete by reverse-rotation,suitable for mixing plastic and -semi-dry & hard concrete with the size of, aggregate up to 60mm. Mixing is carried out...
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  • Concrete Mixer Machine Electric

    JZC350 electricity concrete mixer machine No-load Trial Running 1) Follow the operation instructions of the diesel engine to start the engine. At this time, the change-over clutch should be set in neutral position at which the mixing drum will not rotate. Check that the...
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  • Automatic Concrete Mixing Machine

    JZC350 electricity concrete mixer machine No-load Trial Running While the mixing drum rotates in "mixing" direction, make test of the lifting of loading skip. Pull the control lever of the clutch outwards (clutch engaged). The skip will be lifted smoothly. If the...
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  • Concrete Mixer with Pump

    JZC350 concrete mixer machine Widely used in home decoration tiling sand ash mixing, sidewalk paving sand ash mixing, gardening sand ash mixing, floor concrete mixing, small construction masonry mortar, plastering mortar mixing, power communication and other field operations...
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  • Diesel Concrete Mixer with Pump

    JZR350 diesel concrete mixer machine Commonly used concrete mixers are mainly divided into two types: self-falling concrete mixer and forced concrete mixer according to their mixing principle. 1. Self-propelled concrete mixer The mixing drum is placed on the principle of...
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  • Concrete Mixer Electric Machine

    JZC350 electricity concrete mixer machine Heavy Load Trral Running After successful rio-load trial running, make heavy load trial running By mixing a first drum of concrete. 1) Start the diesel engine, operate the control lever of change-over 2) Clutch to have the mixing drum...
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  • 200 L Concrete Mixer Machine

    1.All-steel construction, Mini Concrete Mixer has long life span.
    2.Large wheels, It's easy to move the Mini Concrete Mixer to anywhere.
    3.Diesel/gasoline/electric motor,optional as customers' requirement. Mini Concrete Mixer is powerful.
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  • 250 L Concrete Mixer Machine

    CM350 concrete mixer machine Constructed of solid steel, this mixer is great for both construction and farm applications such as seed inoculation or mixing feed. Whether working on the farm, construction site or in the yard, this versatile cement mixer handles just about any...
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  • 300 L Concrete Mixer Machine

    CM350 concrete mixer machine SERVICE 1 .The high-efficient Management Team Our raw materials purchasing manager and production manager both have over 10 years experience in Concrete Mixer area. We also have stable raw material supplier , very familiar with our statement...
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  • 600 L Concrete Mixer Machine

    CM700 Drum Concrete Mixer Machine 260L 300L 350L 400L 500L 600L 700L 800L Small Diesel, Gasoline, Electric Concrete Mixer This machine is for construction and homeowener use, for small to medium size building projects. Mix small quantities of drywall mud, plaster, stucco,...
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