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Mini Portable Concrete Pump

Long use time JP110 mortar cement sand screw wall plaster wet spraying pump machine JP110 mortar spraying machine is mainly used for building the inner and outer wall surface mixed with mortar, refractory coating and pressure grouting. 1.the ability to correct deviation is strong. It has good...

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Long use time JP110 mortar cement  sand screw  wall plaster wet spraying pump machine

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Safety measures for the construction of ready-mixed mortar mechanized plaster:

The ready-mixed mortar spraying construction shall be operated by a special person, and the mechanical equipment shall be managed and maintained according to the mechanical instruction manual. Before the ready-mixed mortar is officially sprayed, the spraying equipment shall be subjected to continuous empty load test operation for 5 minutes. During the operation of the equipment, the direction of rotation of the motor, the working systems and safety devices shall be checked to confirm that the spraying equipment is operating normally and reliably, and the safety equipment is disassembled and repaired. It should be the responsibility of a full-time maintenance personnel.

Before spraying, operators should correctly wear protective equipment such as non-slip shoes, safety helmets, dust masks, safety glasses, etc. When working in high places, they must fasten their seat belts. During the spraying process, it is strictly forbidden to spray the gun to the person. When the conveying pipeline is blocked, it is strictly forbidden to knock or shake the conveying pipeline. The pressure should be stopped first, and the crowd should be avoided when disassembling the pipeline to remove the blockage. During the mortar spraying construction process, full-time personnel should be arranged to assist the spray gun operator to drag the slurry pipeline to avoid bending, coiling and compression of the pipeline.

At the same time, check the connection of the conveying pipe at any time to avoid hurting people due to the looseness of the connection. Frequently observe the rise and fall of the pump pressure. When the allowable maximum pressure value is exceeded, the pressure relief should be immediately stopped for maintenance to avoid a safety accident due to overload. The cleaning of the pump and the delivery pipeline should be carried out after the pressure is released.




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