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Small Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump

BS15 Mortar conveying pump The BS15 mortar converying pump is widely used in city construction project secondary concreting construction (such as structural column), highway, railway tunnel, city subway, hydropower station underground cavern anchor grouting and consolidation grouting and...

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BS15  Mortar conveying pump

Fine stone concrete pumps are welcomed by the construction industry because of their high construction efficiency and fast and convenient transition mode. The fine stone concrete pump has convenient movement, convenient cloth, high efficiency and high cost performance, which greatly reduces labor costs. It is a very good choice to purchase fine stone concrete pump equipment. According to the correct operation steps of the fine stone concrete pump, it can not only ensure the safe and smooth construction of the fine stone concrete pump, but also effectively extend the service life of the fine stone concrete pump, improve the construction efficiency of the fine stone concrete pump, and create higher use value.

  During the use of fine stone concrete pump, the connection of the conveying pipeline should be checked firmly and the sealing is good; the hydraulic system works normally, the pipeline is leak-free; the cleaning pump is well equipped; the extension of the distribution pole should be carried out in the order of the factory instructions, and the boom is lifted off the bracket. The rear can be swiveled. It is strictly forbidden to use the cloth boom to lift or drag objects; the lubricating oil, hydraulic oil and water tank are added enough, the tire pressure is in compliance with the regulations, the lighting and signal indicators are complete; there is no debris in the mixing bucket, and the protection grid on the hopper is intact and tightly closed.

  The location of the fine stone concrete pump should be a level and solid place on the road surface, and the surrounding obstacles are blocked. When installing the site, consider that the ground is flat and sturdy. Do not install it in a place with slopes, pits, or soft geology. It is good to cast a flat concrete foundation on site. In fact, these need to be done before the fine stone concrete pump enters the site. . Place the fine stone concrete pump on the concrete pouring foundation or on the solid ground, adjust the height with a jack to make the walking wheel off the ground, and lock it with the positioning pin of the leg and the safety pin. However, it is necessary to ensure that the hopper door switch is free and easy to clean.

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