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Advantages of mechanized construction of ready-mixed mortar
Feb 12, 2019

Advantages of mechanized construction of ready-mixed mortar

  Wenzhou Engineering  Machinery Co., Ltd. has long been committed to the manufacture of concrete machinery, relying on international cooperation and research and development advantages, independent innovation, strong technical force and advanced equipment technology. It is the leading enterprise of mortar spraying technology in China. It is recognized as the most powerful enterprise in the manufacture of mortar spraying machine in China. It looks at China's domestic mortar spraying machine. The only temperature mortar spraying machine is in line with the world famous brands. The products adopt the high-end technology in the world today. It has won the favor of users in China and many countries and regions. Since the implementation of the mechanized construction of ready-mixed mortar, the mortar spraying machine has been applied in Shaoxing, Zhuji, Keqiao, Zhengzhou, Fujian and other domestic projects, as well as in Saudi Arabia, India, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and other foreign projects. The construction area has exceeded 5.8 million square meters.


Through a large area of ready-mixed mortar mechanized spraying construction services and feedback, accumulated a wealth of practical experience in machine spray. The application of a large number of projects has fully proved that the premixed mortar has obvious advantages in mechanized construction, mainly reflecting: reducing construction process, reducing work intensity, improving construction efficiency, reducing mortar dosage, improving building quality, shortening construction period, and avoiding conflicts in building elevator use. Reduce the care of mortar surface rework and reduce the cost of comprehensive use.


The premixed plastering mortar can be directly applied by omitting the interface agent by mechanized spraying. Especially on the concrete wall surface and the autoclaved aerated concrete block wall surface, the effect is particularly obvious. The actual 28d field drawing tensile bond strength Can reach 0.4MPa or more, far higher than the national standard requirements. Under normal circumstances, the wall does not need to be pre-wet, the thickness of the plaster is less than 20mm, and it can be constructed once, saving labor and time. When there is a requirement for pulling the wall, it is not necessary to paint the special mortar for the brushing. It can be directly finished after the spraying mortar is smoothed, saving material and saving time.

imageLaborious and time-consuming traditional artificial plastering

The ready-mixed mortar is mechanized and sprayed, and the work efficiency is improved by more than 3 times, which can effectively resolve the tension of construction workers. In the mechanized spraying construction, a team consists of 8 skilled plasterers, plus 4 small workers, equipped with a spraying equipment. The plastering area of 1200-1500m2 can be completed in one day, and the per capita is 100-125m2/day. The traditional mortar plastering construction of a skilled worker, with appropriate small workers, can only be completed 35-50m2 / day.

The mechanized construction of the ready-mixed mortar can realize the slurry pumping, and can be directly pumped to the required floor position by connecting with the mortar moving silo mixer, which not only saves a lot of labor, but also reduces the flash during the transportation of the vehicle, and is not affected by the building elevator. Use the effects of tension to speed up the overall construction schedule.

Because the traditional mortar plastering pressure is small when the pressure is manually applied, and the pressure is uneven, it is easy to cause empty drums and cracks. However, the ready-mixed mortar is mechanically sprayed, because of its high spraying pressure and strong adhesion, which increases the tensile bond strength of the mortar. Therefore, the problem of hollowing and cracking of the mortar is fundamentally solved, and the wall is greatly reduced. Face repair, which reduces post-maintenance costs. The ready-mixed mortar is mechanized sprayed. Due to the substantial improvement of construction efficiency, the construction period of the project is shortened, the rental cost of construction machinery and facilities is reduced, and engineering management and financial expenses are also reduced.

imageMachine spray mortar effect diagram

imageMechanical spray brushing effect

imageArtificial plastering effect

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