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Work to be inspected before the compact roller
Nov 28, 2018

Before the machine is operated, the function of the roller should be examined first.

For example, whether the bolt connection position is tight; whether the steering system is flexible, normal or not; whether the roller body is clean or not, or whether there is damage, whether the relevant machinery and equipment on the road roller have been effectively maintained and maintained.

At the same time, the engine hydraulic oil, oil and cooling liquid level should be carefully checked. During the oil-water separator inspection process, the water in the cup can be drained if necessary, and the scraper should be properly adjusted.

During the construction operation of the road roller, especially in the preparation stage, before starting, the system and parts must be inspected strictly according to the requirements of the manual, especially the liquid level, oil level and coolant, etc., to ensure its safety and reliability. Pay attention to check the screw and electrical system for each connection location.

It is recommended that the operation of 4 tons of road roller, 6 tons of road roller and other equipment should check the obstacles around the road roller and the lower position of the roller, and carefully check the vibration switch and gear shift position to ensure the safety of the start.

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