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JP70A-50 CEMENT MORTAR SPRAYING MACHINE JP70A-50 is based on JP70, but we changed its pump head, still using the power of JP70, to make the machine running more stable and smoothly. JP70A-50 is the application of modern technology - a large capacity mortar spraying machine, which has pump...

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Empty drum cracking problem in plastering project

In the plastering project, often at the intersection of the wall and the door and window frame, the internal and external walls, the plastering layer of the outer wall, and the hollow mortar and cracks in the wall mortar and the skirting line, even causing the plaster layer to fall off. . It is mainly caused by improper treatment of the base layer, improper mortar quality, too large proportion of plaster layers in each layer, un-layered plastering and excessive plastering layer. At the same time, the mortar has poor workability and water retention, resulting in hardening. The bond strength is poor, causing the plaster layer to create empty drums and cracks.

Prevention and control of empty drum cracking measures

  1) Before the plastering, the base layer should be cleaned. It is necessary to remove the dirt and the isolating agent on the surface of the base layer, and sprinkle the water to make the wall surface smooth.

  2) If the wall surface is smooth, it should be chiseled, or fused with 10% 107 glue with 1:1 cement mortar, and a thin layer; if the wall surface is uneven, it should be used after watering and wetting : 3 cement mortar is smoothed and blocked.

  3) If aerated concrete is used, it should be drilled in the wall, with a depth of about 10cm and a diameter of about 4cm. The plaster of the aerated concrete base should not be too high, and the base should be watered before plastering.

  4) Layering plaster should be applied during construction, and in order to ensure the ease of mortar and water retention, an appropriate amount of lime paste, gas additive or plasticizer can be blended, and cement mortar, mixed mortar, lime paste, etc. cannot be covered before and after. Mixed smear.

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