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Daily Maintenance Of Automatic Paint Sprayer
Nov 28, 2018

First, the inspection of the oil pipe is mainly to check whether the oil pipe has the appearance of air leakage. If it is, it needs to be disposed of in time.

Second, it is very important to perform timely cleaning of the hoses and cylinders in a timely manner after each application.

Third, check the motor every week to check whether there is an abnormal situation. Check the oil of the worm gear box in time to check whether the pollution is affected.

Fourth, it is necessary to check the tightness of the sprocket in a timely manner and make timely adjustments.

Fifth, the cleaning agent in the cleaning tank needs to be punctually replaced and disposed of to ensure that the cleaning of the equipment is more complete.

Seventh, for the spray gun, it is necessary to carry out the cleaning work on time. Assuming that the equipment has no shortcomings, it is recommended not to disassemble the spray gun at will.

Eighth, for the cleaning of the nozzle, do the cleaning work in time to ensure that the painting is normal. During the cleaning process, do not use the wire. The accurate cleaning method is to place the nozzle in the cleaning agent, to be soaked for a period of time. After the time, use an air gun to clean up.

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