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How To Use The Vibrating Plate
Nov 28, 2018

Vibrating plate rammer is generally used in road maintenance and in places where there is no need for large machinery. The Vibrating plate rammer is mainly suitable for the bonding between tamping particles and materials with less friction, such as river sand, gravel and Asphalt, etc., the main working parameters of the vibrating plate are: the bottom area of the working plate, the mass of the whole machine, the exciting force and the excitation frequency.

Under normal circumstances, the floor area of the same type of flat plate is similar, so the performance of the flat impact cymbal is mainly affected by the mass, excitation force and excitation frequency of the whole machine. The exciting force is mainly used to maintain the tamping material. The vibration is forced; the excitation frequency affects the compaction efficiency and the degree of compaction. That is, under the same excitation force, the higher the excitation frequency, the higher the compaction efficiency and compactness.

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