Mini Cement Plastering Machine

JP50/40 LIGHTWEIGHT MORTAR SPRAYING MACHINE JP50/40 is a small mortar coating machine made with modern technology. It has high conveying efficiency, long pumping distance and it is for spraying ready-mixed mortar and field mixing mortar. Most important feature is the compact structure and large...

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It can spray mortar, waterproof coating, refractory material, and is not affected by suburban and environmental conditions and spray surface shape. This machine is an electric screw type high pressure mortar spraying machine with advanced technology, simple operation and maintenance, and can be operated skillfully without special training. 

1 base treatment

(1) Clean up debris: remove the floating sand and scum on the wall surface, especially the slag block which is more prominent and higher than the surface of the standard ribs must be removed, and check the flatness and verticality of the wall surface. Check with 2m ruler. The maximum deviation is no more than 4mm.

(2) Wetting wall surface: Firstly, we must understand the water absorption and water retention of the wall material. If the wall material has strong water absorption, it must be wetted once in advance, and then wet once every 1-2 hours before spraying. It is not allowed to spray while wet during construction. In this way, the mortar and the wall are not firmly bonded, and it is easy to form an empty drum of the mortar layer.



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