Screw Cement Plastering Machine

JP70 CEMENT MORTAR SPRAYING MACHINE JP70 is the application of modern technology - a large capacity mortar spraying machine, which has pump conveying, bonding, spraying functions. High conveying efficiency, long pumping distance, easiness of pumping large particles of material, these can be used...

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During the construction of the new cement mortar spraying machine, the artificial powder wall mode was represented, which improved the construction efficiency of the whole project. According to the construction experience and actual needs, the requirements for mixing time of different types of plastering mortar are given. 



1. Large displacement, long transportation distance and high work efficiency;

2, the amount of delivery can be continuously adjusted according to user needs;

3, integrated control box, easy to operate;

4. Remote control device can be used to adjust the device switch or delivery volume;

5, can be directly fed through the mixer;

6. A sealing device is arranged between the gear motor and the hopper;

7, the feeding height is low, saving time and effort;

8, a solid frame structure;

9, easy to clean and maintain;

10. The pump equipment can be quickly linked, and the installation accessories are convenient and quick;

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