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Cement spray machines with mixer Automatic water JP90-Z suitable foam insulation spray JP90-Z The machine is a screw-type high-pressure mortar spraying machine, advanced technology. Operation and maintenance is simple, without special training can be skilled operators. Mortar spraying machine is...

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Cement spray machines with mixer Automatic water JP90-Z suitable foam insulation spray


The “Wallgoe” technology team relies on wisdom and innovation, and recently made a technical upgrade to the JP90Z light steel room wall spraying machine, which makes the machine more prominent and comprehensively improved. It is widely used in the domestic assembly-type construction industry and plays The unparalleled role, the user response is strong, and become the pride of similar products.

Highlight 1: The application of the cam structure of the mixer to open the door technology (patent number ZL2017.Z131397.0)

Advantages: high sealing, easy opening and closing, automatic cleaning of the edge mortar.

Highlight 2: Large diameter mixer discharge port

Advantages: Realize the instantaneous discharge of 260 liters of large-capacity mixed slurry

Highlight 3: Applying a miniature remote sensing controller

Advantages: high sensitivity of remote control, suitable for chaotic environment to control mechanical work at any distance.

Highlight 4: Application of a slurry anti-leakage sealing device (Patent No. ZL2012.2.0227665.2)

Advantages: Established a common product that can't make the hopper return slurry and damage the pump motor to break the firewall and not wear the firewall.

Highlight 5: Designing a double-spiral forced mixer blade

Advantages: The mixed slurry can produce strong radial flow and axial flow, and the mixed components have large contact faces, good encapsulation, and high-speed mixing of the slurry.

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