Automatic Exterior Wall Plaster Machine

JP50Q Lightweight Mortar Spraying Machine JP50Q is an easy and convenient mortar spraying machine. It succeeds in getting the operator free from the hard, dirty and tedious construction environment. At the same time to achieve high efficiency, rapid large-scale spraying operation effect. It is...

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JP50Q Lightweight Mortar Spraying Machine

 1. High working pressure and stable flow rate, capable of transporting mortar with high sand content;

2. This type of product adopts screw conveying, which can output uniform flow, which overcomes the defect of uneven flow of existing piston pump or plunger pump.

3. Adopt mechanical transmission, the structure is simple and compact, the wearing parts are cheap and the replacement is quick and convenient, the maintenance is easy and the cost is low;

4. The rotor and stator materials have undergone strict industrial assessment, reliable work and long service life;

5. Small size, flexible movement, especially suitable for small working space. Its main features are no pulse, high working pressure, large flow, high production efficiency, convenient operation, safe and reliable, easy maintenance, compact structure and flexible movement.


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