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High quality JP60R diesel mortar spray plastering machine for sale JP60 R is the high efficiency machine introduced German technology. It's applicable to large area plastering for plastering mortar, thermal insulation mortar, and thick layer of mortar and construction and application for...

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High quality JP60R diesel mortar spray plastering machine for sale

  The cement mortar spraying machine integrates the functions of feeding, mixing, pumping, bonding and spraying, and is suitable for various gypsum bases with different characteristics and different uses; gypsum mortar; premixed dry mortar construction; automatic feeding mechanism; Automatic continuous mixing function; configuration of metering water pump and water supply system; pressure control protection mechanism to achieve remote control operation; modular structure, easy to disassemble, easy to move, easy to use.

Key points of cement mortar plastering construction: 1. The standard gray cake must be made before plastering. 2. Reinforcement is also an important part of ensuring the quality of plastering, and is an important control mark when plastering large areas. 3. The yin and yang angle finding is also an important process directly related to the quality of the subsequent renovation project.

Inspection and maintenance of the equipment before operation:

1. Motor equipment: including the inspection of electric motor, power supply and transmission line, electric control box, and each switch should be in the closed state.

2. Lubricating oil: Check whether the oil in the air compressor and the main gear box is sufficient.

3 Check the hopper for debris and slag.

4 Whether the spray hose, nozzle and air duct are smooth and free of blockage.

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