Road Repair Machine

  • Concrete Truss Screed Machine

    KZP130 concrete truss screed Vibrating, compacting, slurrying, leveling and flattening of the main cement concrete pavement. The product can be increased according to the length of the customer's requirements on the road surface, reduced, easy to connect and disassemble,...
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  • Vibratory Truss Screed Machine

    KZP60 concrete truss screed Concrete vibratory truss screed is mostly used to pave vibrating impact the concrete surface, bridges concrete surfaces, large parking slurry and other large of factory concrete surfaces. This is designed with exact paving system, suitable and...
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  • Concrete Truss Power Screed

    This machine is made up of a single frame of 1m and 2m (3-16m). It is used for grouting, compaction and leveling of concrete floors. It is a new type of equipment for building roads, workshops and squares.
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  • Concrete Vibratory Truss Screed

    The overall frame adopts all-steel structure, which is stronger and more earthquake-resistant than our previous “aluminum alloy” structure, which can achieve “high excitation force”, increase “paste depth and leveling effect”, and resist corrosion and wear.
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  • Concrete Vibrating Truss Screed

    1. Used for grouting, compaction and leveling of concrete floors. It is a new type of equipment for building roads, workshops and squares.
    2. Super strong universal connection between single sections, adjustable 5°-10° arch.
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  • Concrete Road Plate Compactor

    C330-AHC impact compactor is suitable for base of gravel, sandy soil and power soil. There are three actions for it: Forward, Reverse and stay still with vibration. Its easy for tamping the side way and railway base back. Technical parameters
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  • Plate Compactor for Concrete

    Folding armrests for easy transportation and storage
    Open frame can be automatically cleaned
    The walking wheel is easy to haul
    Floor corner trimming for easy corner operation
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  • Plate Compactor on Concrete Pavers

    C3020R Reversible plate Compactor Hydraulic Reversible Plate Compactor HP-C3020/HP-C3080. Hydraulic reversible plate compactor are newly introduced to H-POWER’s compaction family. The hydraulic adjustment control lever offers easy direction change, while two eccentic weights...
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  • Plate Compactor Machine

    1. It is forbidden to use the equipment outside the scope of use of the vibrating plate; it is forbidden to operate the equipment in areas where explosion may occur.
    2. Check the equipment according to the fourth item before operation to prevent accidents and damage to...
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  • 300 Kg Plate Compactor

    BC330 Reversible plate Compactor Technical parameters HP-C330A/HP-C330B Mechanical control system reflects a reliability, economy machenical and low maintenance design, compaction depth up to 700 mm, Sewer trenches, general road-building projects, compacting foundations and...
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  • Trowel Machine in Concrete

    HMR900 concrete trowel machine Concrete trowel machine is used to finish and polish surface of warehouse, factory building, stadium and other large concrete platform, and suitable to finish the road surface after its construction, and proper to make the surface of...
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  • Asphalt Scarifying Machine

    LT300 asphalt scarifier Scarifying machines are used in removing uneven part of concrete, asphalt roads, oil wave, rutting, make line. Etc. It's used for urban municipal roads and highways building maintenance engineering, paving the surface of construction of high-speed...
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