Shotcrete Machine

  • Concrete Shotcrete Machine

    PZ CONCRETE SHOTCRETE MACHINE Spraying operation When the preparation work is done, concrete mixture can be fed into the machine. Operator should first open the main valve, turn the upper air duct valve 1/3 circle, and adjust the pressure in the lower air duct (to the...
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  • Concrete Wall Plastering Machine

    PZ CONCRETE SHOTCRETE MACHINE Maintenance and maintenance of the reducer: A. The lubricating oil of the reducer is No. 50 industrial gear oil (SYll72-77S), or No. 30 mechanical oil; B. The temperature rise of the reducer during operation shall not exceed 40 °C; C. After each...
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  • Automatic Concrete Plastering Machine

    PZ CONCRETE SHOTCRETE MACHINE Causes and troubleshooting methods for typical failure of concrete shotcrete machines **** Blocking: If during the spraying process, the nozzle is not discharged and the wind is detected, the pointer of the pressure gauge suddenly rises,...
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  • Concrete Wall Plaster Machine

    PZ CONCRETE SHOTCRETE MACHINE Causes and troubleshooting methods for typical failure of concrete shotcrete machines *** After the air is supplied, the motor does not move and the rotating body does not move: the reason is that the rubber-bonded upper plate pressing screw is...
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  • Concrete Spray Gun Machine

    (1) Press the green button to turn on the machine and turn the machine for about 30 seconds to reduce the pressure inside the conveying pipe.
    (2) Remove the gun and clean it. Check if the nozzle is blocked.
    (3) Turn the power switch to forward rotation and turn...
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  • Dry Spray Concrete Machine

    The pump core has been worn for a long time and has been worn out to determine whether the pump core is worn or not. The pressure gauge can be connected between the pump outlet and the delivery hose.
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  • Concrete Spraying Plaster Machine

    PZ CONCRETE SHOTCRETE MACHINE Pressing force applied by the rotor clamping system to the sealing plate is unevenly distributed over the entire surface, and the discharge port and the residual gas port are the largest, and the maximum pressing force point drifts back and forth...
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  • Concrete Spraying Machines

    1) The dust concentration outside the machine and outside the nozzle is greatly reduced, and the harm to workers' health is eliminated.
    2) High productivity.
    3) Low rebound. When dry spraying, the concrete rebound rate can reach 15% to 50%, and the rebound rate...
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  • Shotcrete Concrete Spraying Machine

    1. Concrete Repair (Bridge Repair, Infrastructure Repair, Etc)
    2. Mine Support (sprayed concrete walls and ceilings)
    3. Swimming Pool Construction - Sprayed Concrete Shells
    4. Tunnel Construction
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  • Air Compressor Concrete Spraying Machine

    A.Stop the machine and blow the remaining mixture out of the conveying hose.
    B.When there is no mixture coming out and the conveying hose is clean, turn off the water valve at the sprayer.
    C.At last, turn off the main air valve.
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  • Concrete Spraying Shotcrete Machine

    Model PZ-5QSpraying Machine is designed for harsh site condition, requiring little maintenance. However, like other rotating type spraying machine, it also needs routine maintenance.
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  • Wet Concrete Spraying Machine

    Q: What is the warranty time of your products?
    R: The warranty time is 12 months from the date of the commissioning.After the warranty, any questions and needs,please contact us.
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